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State-of-the-Art Data Labeling With a True AI-Powered Data Management Platform*9UiLHGtNkDldIDAR Original Source Here How can Superb AI’s Platform help in Data Labeling Superb AI has a unique approach to data labeling. For instance, we can label a ground truth dataset containing hundreds to thousands of objects. Depending on the object detection task’s complexity, we can utilize their transfer learning model and bulk label the large datasets. Once completed, human reviewers use auditing tools to fine-tune and deliver the labeled dataset. Besides providing terrific support during the labeling process of a massive volume of data. Superb AI’s data labeling platform also lets us work with human labelers to produce highly accurate ground truth labels — and as you may know, producing accurate labels is the initial and one of the most critical steps in a machine learning workflow. Steps to Labeling Data in Superb AI’s Platform Superb AI’s platform is straightforward and user-friendly to use and perform data labeling.

Even without a brain, metal-eating robots can search for food

Original Source Here When it comes to powering mobile robots, batteries present a problematic paradox: the more energy they contain, the more they weigh, and thus the more energy the robot needs to move. Energy harvesters, like solar panels, might work for some applications, but they don’t deliver power quickly or consistently enough for sustained travel. James Pikul, assistant professor in Penn Engineering’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, is developing robot-powering technology that has the best of both worlds. His environmentally controlled voltage source, or ECVS, works like a battery, in that the energy is produced by repeatedly breaking and forming chemical bonds, but it escapes the weight paradox by finding those chemical bonds in the robot’s environment, like a harvester. While in contact with a metal surface, an ECVS unit catalyzes an oxidation reaction with the surrounding air, powering the robot with the freed electrons. Pikul’s approach was

Scientists create next gen living robots

Original Source Here Last year, a team of biologists and computer scientists from Tufts University and the University of Vermont (UVM) created novel, tiny self-healing biological machines from frog cells called “Xenobots” that could move around, push a payload, and even exhibit collective behavior in the presence of a swarm of other Xenobots. Get ready for Xenobots 2.0. The same team has now created life forms that self-assemble a body from single cells, do not require muscle cells to move, and even demonstrate the capability of recordable memory. The new generation Xenobots also move faster, navigate different environments, and have longer lifespans than the first edition, and they still have the ability to work together in groups and heal themselves if damaged. The results of the new research were published today in Science Robotics. Compared to Xenobots 1.0, in which the millimeter-sized automatons were constructed in a “top down” approach by manual placement of tissue and

A comprehensive survey on optimizing deep learning models by metaheuristics

Original Source Here Abstract Deep neural networks (DNNs), which are extensions of artificial neural networks, can learn higher levels of feature hierarchy established by lower level features by transforming the raw feature space to another complex feature space. Although deep networks are successful in a wide range of problems in different fields, there are some issues affecting their overall performance such as selecting appropriate values for model parameters, deciding the optimal architecture and feature representation and determining optimal weight and bias values. Recently, metaheuristic algorithms have been proposed to automate these tasks. This survey gives brief information about common basic DNN architectures including convolutional neural networks, unsupervised pre-trained models, recurrent neural networks and recursive neural networks. We formulate the optimization problems in DNN design such as architecture optimization, hyper-parameter optimization, training and feature

Tactile textiles sense movement via touch Original Source Here In recent years there have been exciting breakthroughs in wearable technologies, like smartwatches that can monitor your breathing and blood oxygen levels.  But what about a wearable that can detect how you move as you do a physical activity or play a sport, and could potentially even offer feedback on how to improve your technique?  And, as a major bonus, what if the wearable were something you’d actually already be wearing, like a shirt of a pair of socks? That’s the idea behind a new set of MIT-designed clothing that use special fibers to sense a person’s movement via touch. Among other things, the researchers showed that their clothes can actually determine things like if someone is sitting, walking, or doing particular poses . The group from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) says that thei

ML Trends that will be carried out in 2021.

Original Source Here Machine Learning Trends hat will be carried out in 2021 AI solutions are currently everywhere among which some already seem mundane and the others are sometimes perceived as ‘magic’. AI applications vary from spam detection to sophisticated recommendation systems, from image classification to well-composed text generation, from video object tracking to AI chess engines that can beat the human world champion. From this wide spectrum of branches and applications, we will try to point out some of the most significant ML trends that will be carried out this year. Language Processing with increasingly bigger NLP models Last year we saw the e mergence of GPT-3 introduced by OpenAI. A single model with 175 billion parameters, a number which a couple of years ago would seem unthinkable can handle texts in many languages and perform a bevy of NLP tasks better than any model done previously. It’s already starting to find use cases in the industry, as well as qui

World-leading AI research and inclusion at the forefront of this year’s NVIDIA GTC×600-1.jpg?w=1200&strip=all Original Source Here This article is part of the VB Lab / NVIDIA GTC insight series “The story of GTC is in many ways the story of NVIDIA, and it’s also the story of what’s happening in technology,” says Greg Estes, VP of corporate marketing and developer programs at NVIDIA. Twelve years ago, GTC began as a conference focused squarely on GPUs, and at that time, that meant primarily graphics and gaming. “But then people figured out that GPUs are the perfect architecture for AI,” says Estes. GTC is now billed as the conference for AI innovators, developers, technologists, startups and creatives, and this year it will offer over 1,500 sessions covering breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, autonomous vehicles, health care, intelligent networking, game development, and more. This year’s event will take place online April 12 – 16, 2021, free

Edge computing orchestration startup Zededa raises $12.5M Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Zededa , an edge virtualization startup, today announced that it raised $12.5 million in an oversubscribed extension to its series A round. The company says the funding will be used to bolster its customer acquisition efforts as it continues to expand the size of its workforce. Global internet of things (IoT) revenue hit an estimated $1.7 trillion in 2019, when the number of edge devices connected to the internet exceeded 23 billion, according to CB Insights . But despite the industry’s growth, not all organizations think they’re ready for it. In a recent Kaspersky Lab survey, 54% said the risks associated with connectivity and integration of IoT ecosystems remained a significant blocker. Zededa was cofounded in 2016 by Erik Nordmark, Roman Shaposhnik, Said Ouissal, and Vijay

Moveworks expands IT chatbot platform to encompass entire organization Original Source Here When investors gave Moveworks a hefty $75 million Series B at the end of 2019, they were investing in a chatbot startup that to that point had been tuned to answer IT help question in an automated way. Today, the company announced it had used that money to expand the platform to encompass employee questions across all lines of business. At the time of that funding, nobody could have anticipated a pandemic either, but throughout last year as companies moved to work from home, having an automated systems in place like Moveworks became even more crucial, says CEO and company co-founder Bhavin Shah. “It was a tragic year on a variety of fronts, but what it did was it coalesced a lot of energy around people’s need for support, people’s need for speed and help,” Shah said. It helps that employees typically access the Moveworks chatbot inside

Dataiku’s new AI tools reduce dependency on data science teams Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Dataiku today expanded its effort to make AI accessible to the average business user with an update that makes it possible to run what-if simulations of AI models to determine how changes to the data they are based on will impact them. The goal is to make it easier for business analysts to experiment with AI models based on machine learning algorithms they can create with the help of a data scientist team, Dataiku CEO Florian Douetteau said. As part of that effort, Dataiku 9 adds a Model Assertions tool that enables a subject matter expert to inject a known condition or sanity-checks into a model to prevent a certain outcome or conclusion from ever being reached. There is also now a Visual ML Diagnostics tool that will generate error messages if the platform determines a model w

Moveworks helps enterprises automate IT self-service tasks Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . IT issues take time to solve, which can cost enterprises money. A PagerDuty survey found 38.4% of organizations that take more than 30 minutes to resolve IT incidents see an impact on customer-facing services. Moreover, nearly one-third of departments regularly affected by technical problems say that an hour of downtime costs them $1 million or more. That’s where Moveworks aims to make a difference. The Mountain View, California-based company, which was founded in 2016, is developing an AI platform that can resolve IT support issues automatically. Today marks the launch of Moveworks’ newest product, the Employee Service Platform, which brings together AI and natural language understanding technologies to get employees help across departments. Moveworks

AI experts warn Facebook’s anti-bias tool is ‘completely insufficient’ Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Facebook today published a blog post detailing Fairness Flow , an internal toolkit the company claims enables its teams to analyze how some types of AI models perform across different groups. Developed in 2018 by Facebook’s Interdisciplinary Responsible AI (RAI) team in consultation with Stanford University, the Center for Social Media Responsibility, the Brookings Institute, and the Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust, Fairness Flow is designed to help engineers determine how the models powering Facebook’s products perform across people. The post pushes back against the notion that the RAI team is “essentially irrelevant to fixing the bigger problems of misinformation, extremism, and political polarization [on Facebook’s platform],” as MI

The best articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) I’ve published in March 2021

Image*n02md5QBLShNdOVi Original Source Here An impressive list of 22 articles about relevant aspects of AI Continue reading on The Startup » AI/ML Trending AI/ML Article Identified & Digested via Granola by Ramsey Elbasheer; a Machine-Driven RSS Bot via WordPress

Auditoria raises $15.5M to expand AI platform automating repetitive accounting tasks

Image Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Auditoria , a startup offering AI-driven automation products for corporate finance teams, today announced that it raised $15.5 million in series A funding. Cofounder and CEO Rohit Gupta says that the proceeds will shore up Auditoria’s investments in data science and the expansion of its sales, marketing, and customer success teams. . It’s estimated that accountants lose thousands of hours to repetitive tasks, follow-ups, error checking, and data entry. But studies show that the vast majority of these workloads can be automated. That may be why over 50% of respondents in a survey conducted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants said they anticipate the development of automated and intelligent systems will have an im

Uniphore nabs $140 million for automated analysis of voice and video calls Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Uniphore , an AI-powered platform that helps businesses understand, analyze, and automate their voice-based customer service, has raised $140 million in a series D round of funding. The company said that it plans to use the investment to expand its existing conversational AI and machine learning technologies deeper into the enterprise, with a particular focus on video-based applications. The genesis for this expansion actually dates back a couple of months its acquisition of Emotion Research Lab, a Spanish startup which determines emotion and engagement levels through video-based interactions by tracking facial expressions and eye movement. Founded out of India in 2008, Uniphore’s platform is built around four core services. U-Self-Serve , designed to give businesses quick-setup a

Opswat expands infrastructure protection with anti-malware tools, raises $125M Original Source Here Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more . Infrastructure protection services company Opswat today announced that it raised $125 million from Brighton Park Capital, the startup’s first external funding round. Opswat says the capital will support its R&D and hiring efforts as it looks to acquire new customers. More than three quarters of IT security leaders anticipate a major breach involving a critical infrastructure organization in the near future, according to a Black Hat USA survey. It’s estimated that 31% of organizations have experienced cyberattacks on operational technology infrastructure. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gartner found that organizations planned to invest $17.48 billion in infrastructure protection in 2020. San Francisco, California-based Opswat, which was foun